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"For members to express views to the European Commission"


The European Competition Lawyers Forum (ECLF) is a group of the leading practitioners in competition law from law firms across the European Union. It was founded in 1994 at the suggestion of certain officials within the European Commission's DG Competition to provide a forum for senior practitioners and officials from DG Competition to engage in an open dialogue on the topical competition law issues of the day and to discuss areas for reform.

ECLF meetings allow members and senior Commission officials to exchange views and experiences concerning the application of European competition law. The ECLF, also from time to time, forms working parties on particular issues of interest and submits papers to contribute to the debate on topical issues. Membership is open to all partners in law firms who are expert practitioners in European competition law.

  1. The purpose of the Forum is to provide an opportunity for members to express views to the European Commission (and other EU Institutions) on competition law issues (including state aids).

  2. Membership is restricted to experienced practitioners in EU competition law.

  3. The Forum will be organised by a Committee who have the confidence of the members. The Committee will consist of six members, each of whom should be of a different European nationality and background.


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